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 Marlo Louden Photography 

"The most valuable photography gear one can have is an open mind, heart, and soul" 

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My name is Marlo Louden and I am a photographer living in Chicago who uses photography as an expressive outlet for both myself and my clients to create images that will serve as memories for a lifetime. Working with clients from all walks of life has inspired me to become the best I can be, with my end goal being to make all of my clients feel confident and happy in their own skin. Please check out my blog to see bookings slots for upcoming events! 


Marlo Louden 

My name is Marlo Louden and I am a photographer local to Chicago that finds joy in making people feel confident and beautiful in their own skin.

It doesn't matter your color, size, gender, or orientation - I love working with different types of people and enjoy working with each client to customize my services to their needs.


Send me a message with your inquiry for booking an event or individual shoot to get a customized quote! 

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