Marshall & Kaid

A documentation of the union of Marshall Arrigo & Kaid Huwe on October 9th 2021 in Woodstock, IL

"When we were planning our wedding I knew we HAD to have Marlo shoot the event. Everything from our getting ready photos, event and reception came out absolutely stunning! In the stressful time of getting ready, Marlo captured the whole emotional process and made sure to capture all the tiny details in the outfit and invites. What I love most about our wedding pictures is how natural and free they were captured! We have gorgeous photos of us and our family and ones with everyone just simply enjoying themselves! I look back on all of these things and still get emotional over just how well Marlo was able to capture that special day. I can’t recommend enough booking them, the amount of care and time and effort put into their work is irreplaceable." - Review from Marshall & Kaid