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  • Marlo Louden

Medinah, IL (July 27th - 29th)

This shoot was my first large shoot since the pandemic was declared - We had a lot against us! Two weeks prior our original location cancelled on us, causing us to scramble to find a new place to shoot. Luckily, everyone was so understanding and really stayed open to finding a new place to shoot. Despite all the stress, the end result of these photos made it all absolutely worth it!

These photos were taken over the course of 2 days at this location, and I am absolutely in love with the results of this shoot! The home we were staying in had a very moden and aesthetically pleasing kitchen, which made for some great cooking/lifestyle shots. The outside was just as gorgeous, there was a lake right across the street with some tall grasses and flowers that we frequented, especially at golden hour!

We were extremely lucky to have weather that wasn't horribly hot or humid and to not have any rain! With all the cons cancelling this year, this shoot was definitely something everyone was looking forward to, and it felt so good to be creative again!

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