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  • Marlo Louden

COVID-19 Guidelines and Safety Protocols

While conventions and large events seem postponed for the indefinite future, I am working to provide safe & fun on location shoots for my clients who are ready to get shooting again!

I am very excited to return to working again, but I am also extremely invested in keeping these shoots as safe as possible to keep exposure to a minimum! To ensure this, I have a few new policies for both myself and my clients!

1) I will be wearing a face mask for the duration of your shoot.

2) I will be keeping a distance of 6 feet from you for the duration of the shoot. (Don't worry! With my lenses, we can still get up close shots!)

3) If I bring an assistant with me, they will also be wearing a mask and keeping a distance of at least 6 feet from you for the duration of the shoot.

4) I ask that any handlers or people that you bring all wear a face mask, and social distance from myself and my assistant!

5) While I am aiming to keep most of my shoots outside, any indoor shoot locations must be approved by the client first!

6) If you are feeling ill the day of the shoot, please let me know, and we will reschedule. We can pay your booking forward to another day, and I will make time for you - you won't lose your payment!

7) I am planning on doing days where I rent a whole space and have people sign up for slots. This will work like a convention-slot line up, where you come for your allotted time and then leave afterwards. The set will be sanitized before the next client enters into the space, and everyone will only come for their designated shoot time to limit exposure to others.

We all need to work together during this time and I will be doing my best to keep everyone safe!

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